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lisa access management allows you to manage the access rights of employees, other staff and also guests of your house easily and effectively. Lisa access management offers a comprehensive safety concept for the protection of your permanent establishment and particularly sensitive company areas.

Wether simple access / non-access authorizations or extensive personal-, time- and location-based access control - with lisa access management you can dertermine easily who is where and when authorized to access. Beside door controls also gate systems or personal interlock systems can be controlled or video surveillance systems can be activated.

All entrees, access attempts and alarm messages are logged in a central table and are available for analysis according to different criteria. Modern SQL database technology for maximum security and performance is just as natural as ability to manage multiple clients in one system. Terminal Server functions are supported of course.

Lisa access management uses the latest identification technology, e. g. contactless cards (with or without PIN) or biometrics. On the hardware side are brand terminals of leading manufacturers used.