Special Features

The features in lisa modules are diverse and extensive - great for the user, who today often do not know what kind of rules await him in the future! Some important highlights we have included here (a click on the title shows a short explanation).

Flexible access groups

Regardless of the grouping of people in the various organizational units all individuals with the same access profile can be summarized into flexible access groups. Settings, assignment of time profiles, etc. are required only once per group and then take effect immediately for all group members.

Alarm Systems

Additional options allow the effective coupling with alarm systems and alarm notifications when it detects error statuses (e.g. as door to long open).

Access Messages

All accesses, access attempts and alarm messages are logged centrally (with configurable retention period).

Special Days

In addition to the definition of access rights for individual weekdays, Saturdays or Sundays, it is also possible to configure deviating permissions for so-called special days. This may be, for example Holidays, plant holidays or any other day types, their parameters then automatically override the settings for "normal" weekdays.

Space Zones and Time Profiles

Several doors or other access objects (eg. tourniquets) can logically be summarized to a group - a so-called space zone. In time profiles criteria for access are deposited exactly for the exact day and time. Both - space zones and time profiles - greatly simplify the assignment of access rights to the relevant individuals or groups of people, can be parameterized completely flexible and are not subject to quantitative limitation.

Personal Access Rights

Of course it is also possible to define access rights to individuals. This functionality is especially fimportant or guests of your company, which get their own ID cards. (further information you find in the product information for visitor management)

Central Communication

The data exchange with the access devices of different manufacturers takes is done in the central server-based lisa communication. There, the terminal data are managed and secured at only one location.

Common Master Data

Persons master data are stored for all lisa modules in a shared data pool. Only access specific master data are added in the access control module. Thus, you can start very quickly and effectively with access control, if you already have lisa time and attendance in use or conversely. In addition, as the maintenance effort for the data management is minimized.

Client Capability

You have several subsidiaries or branch offices? Then manage all together in lisa - but as different clients! A client usually corresponds to a stand-alone company with its individual access-rules (eg. regionally different holidays, specific special days, etc.). This functionality is available in the editions Professional (up to 3 clients) and Enterprise (unlimited client number).


As identification media are to choose contactless cards (with and without entering a PIN) and fingerprint (biometrics). If desired, a combination of various control mechanisms is possible.